Not your grandpa's old cowdog




Keechi Creek Cur (KCC)

What is a Keechi Creek Cur Dog?

The foundation of a Keechi Creek Cur Dog is the Black Mouth Cur.   The KCC dog is bred to handle the Rankest stock around.  The KCC dog must be good minded enough to work more gentle cattle as well.  While they are primarily bred for cattle-they are also commonly used for hogs, coons, and make excellent decoy dogs.


When it comes to my working dogs, I believe in doing what is best for my pack always - Never putting my wants above the needs of my dogs.  I will never get attached to a dog until it has proven itself, or this will not result in an accurate assessment of the dogs performance.  I also believe in doing the hard stuff to improve my dogs that others cannot and will not do.  These dogs are bred on performance and trainability.  If they don't fit the program, they don't stick around.  I do not have time to work or train a weak dog, but I'll dang sure make time to train and work a strong dog!  

When you have to put this much time and effort into your dogs you will never forget what it took to get where you are and what you learned along the way.

-This my friends is knowledge that can't be bought or forged!

Thanks for your interest in my dogs!

OB Utley



Fairfield, Texas


(903) 644-1094


I breed for performance first, intelligence and conformation second, and color last

Our Keechi Creek Cur Dogs are bred, raised and trained for real, everyday working situations – not for trials or show.



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OB Utley

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